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[May. 13th, 2010|06:56 pm]
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exsisto curiosus quis vos opto

Hundreds of years ago, the city of Primoris was a lively one. The population was vast, and had jobs of all kinds. It was your average city, and a happy one at that. However, that all changed when disaster struck. An unknown being came through the city, slaughtering all. It left no survivors.

Neighboring cities, but mainly Credinta, came to help bury the dead, claiming that none should be left to be feasted on. That the citizen’s of Primoris didn’t deserve that. Those that went were also slaughtered, and Credinta would only send a few out to the abandoned city before ceasing all future attempts to bury the dead. Those that left never returned, and it is for this reason that Nesreca gained its current name.

While the two cities are separated by a mere river, no one is allowed to cross into this cursed city. That was determined by Credinta’s government shortly after Nesreca was given its current name. After all, the citizens of Credinta are the superstitious type.

because your life is on the line

War. Devastation. When you arrive, you find yourself in an abandoned city. You can smell the death, the decaying bodies, gun powder, fire. There's dried blood and remains scattered throughout the city. Buildings aren't cared for. Plants grow on them, through broken windows and overtaking few. Paint is coming off of others, debris lie throughout the streets, alleys, and even inside these buildings.

But then you come to the river. On the other side, the buildings are in perfect condition. Cared for. The streets, as far as you can see, are taken care of. Clean. You go over, trying to figure out what's going on. But when you try to do so, you're shunned. People flee, looking for cover. Pulling children off of the streets and closing their shutters. Classic the-bad-guy-is-here behavior. Someone yells at you, calls you something you can't decipher.

This is the Other Side. You are the Abnormal.


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